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The Original Year of Jubilee

Posted 17 May 2022

The ‘Year of Jubilee’ was all about freedom and rest. Among the street parties and fetes, this makes the long weekend seem very appropriate with the perfect opportunity to talk about sleep.

Footprints Foster Care - Little boy window waiting

Spotlight on: Sexual Abuse

Posted 3 May 2022

We are committed to helping children stay safe, be supported and live their best lives. Knowledge is power, so please take a couple minutes with us to shine a light in the darkness.

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Under Exam Conditions

Posted 19 April 2022

For some teens during a few weeks in May and June, grades will feel like the world. As that season dawns, if you have a student in your home, how can you help them cope under exam conditions?

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New Life

Posted 5 April 2022

Hot cross buns, bunnies, chocolate eggs and longer days are all helping to put a spring in our step, as is the focus on new life, something Easter and fostering have very much in common.

Footprints Foster Care - Mother's Day hearts

The Return of Mother's Day

Posted 22 March 2022

As more companies offer opting out of marketing emails, is it time for us to follow their lead? Whether you celebrate or not, Mother’s Day is returning, so get ready to do it your way.

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The Art of War Talk

Posted 8 March 2022

It is our job as adults to help children we care for to navigate safely and securely through these uncertain times by mastering the art of war talk.

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A Slice of Kafferep

Posted 22 February 2022

As the UK begins to get back to some sort of normality, we’d like to encourage you to seek out some of this kindness - with a big slice of kafferep.

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Spotlight on: Physical Abuse

Posted 8 February 2022

We’re going to shine a spotlight on physical abuse – because whoever you are, the more of us that are aware of the issue, the more there are to potentially help a child.

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All Fun and Games

Posted 25 January 2022

Children around us are experiencing an ever-changing digital world and it is our job to help them navigate it safely. As amazing as it is, sometimes the internet isn’t all fun and games.

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To Boldly Go

Posted 11 January 2022

As some of us are still trying to stick to our New Year’s resolutions and look forward to some sunshine, January may seem a strange time to start considering the past. But it isn’t.