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Footprints Foster Care - Christmas dinner table

Cranberry Sauce and Self-Care

Posted 21 December 2021

A survey revealed just under half of us are likely to feel stressed in December, while around a third of us will experience anxiety. We’d like to remind you to take care of yourselves.

Footprints Foster Care - Snowman and dog

Expecting the Unexpected

Posted 7 December 2021

Christmas is a time when a lot of emergency placements are needed and expecting the unexpected becomes even more important than usual. And more challenging too.

Footprints Foster Care - Snowman and dog

The Father Christmas Conundrum

Posted 23 November 2021

Advent serves as an effective countdown clock for foster carers. Reminding us all to buy the right presents, be present and face the Father Christmas conundrum.

Footprints Foster Care - Snowman and dog

'Tis nearly the season...

Posted 9 November 2021

Christmas may seem small compared to boosters saving lives and COP26, but your celebrations too could benefit from a bit of preparation – especially if a foster child is involved.

Footprints Foster Care - Girl with a spider biscuit

Things that go bump in the night

Posted 26 October 2021

As the time of year approaches when the world seems set on scary, dark things, it seems appropriate to think about what worries the children we work with.

Footprints Foster Care - Girl on a forest road

Fostering Parents

Posted 12 October 2021

Even the best of us need a little support sometimes and this is super true in fostering, although perhaps not in the way you’re thinking.

Footprints Foster Care - Girl on a forest road

Embrace Autumn Outdoors

Posted 21 September 2021

As you say goodbye to summer, don’t even think of staying inside. Instead, grab your sense of adventure and foster a life outdoors this autumn.

Footprints Foster Care - Child playing on the beach

Positively Managing Problem Behaviour

Posted 7 September 2021

Behaviour is a part of our identity so how can we positively manage problematic behaviours and help foster children live their best life?

Footprints Foster Care - Teen walking in a forest

Putting Teen Mental Health First

Posted 17 August 2021

Encouraging and facilitating positive mental health habits is the best remit, along with modelling them yourself. But what habits will help?

Footprints Foster Care - Olympic figure

Cheering Home Connection

Posted 3 August 2021

Is this another sport-themed blog from us? Well, vaguely – it is the Olympics after all. Really though, it is about support. And connection.

Footprints Foster Care - Bournemouth pier and beach

Survive the Summer Holidays

Posted 20 July 2021

To help you make the most of the next six weeks, we’ve put together our top tips for surviving the summer - let’s face it, we’re all due a good time!

Footprints Foster Care - Tennis ball on a racquet

Game, set, match!

Posted 6 July 2021

Does a disadvantaged start in life preclude foster children from reaching their full potential in a sport or hobby? Not according to Novak Djokovic.

Footprints Foster Care - Walking on the beach

Happiness is...

Posted 22 June 2021

Whatever makes us happy, we can probably agree that happiness itself is a pretty nice feeling. How can we play our part in raising happy kids?

Footprints Foster Care - Walking on the beach

Max out your freedom

Posted 8 June 2021

Hooray for hugs and holidays! Hooray for cinemas, soft play and sports crowds! Yes, just in time for the summer, we’re all allowed to do more again!

Footprints Foster Care - Why we care


Posted 18 May 2021

We may be a varied team here at Footprints, but we agree that our big care is foster care. As part of FCF 2021, we asked each other #whywecare?

Footprints Foster Care - Self care

Self care isn't selfish

Posted 4 May 2021

In a couple of weeks, we’ll be celebrating Foster Care Fortnight and thinking about why we care for others, but right now our focus is on self-care.

Footprints Foster Care - Beach family fun

Lifting the Restrictions

Posted 20 April 2021

We get that laws can be misunderstood and myths abound, because for years the same has been true for the regulations surrounding foster caring.

Footprints Foster Care - Teen girl with phone

Influencing Mental Health

Posted 6 April 2021

Young people worry about school, friendships and climate change. Most are not new, but more shocking are the latest figures on mental health.

Footprints Foster Care - Child walking to the bus

The Roadmap Out of Anxiety

Posted 16 March 2021

If going into school again has made a child you care for more anxious, there are lots of ideas which can help - all encourage self-regulation.

Footprints Foster Care - Woman and child on beach


Posted 2 March 2021

The organisers of #IWD2021 believe that a challenged world is a changed world. We’re taking a look at the stories of four inspirational women.

Footprints Foster Care - Blueberry pancakes

The Psychology of Pancakes

Posted 16 February 2021

It’s Pancake Day – hooray! Possibly the most delicious day of the year has arrived and we are excited to get mixing, flipping and munching.

Footprints Foster Care - Children standing at window

Creating Room for Routine

Posted 2 February 2021

If you're struggling with routine, being able to control the controllable can have a surprisingly big impact on how we cope day to day.

Footprints Foster Care - Homeschooling

Don't be Restricted

Posted 19 January 2021

Is it safe to ask how your New Year’s resolutions are going? We hope you’re still going strong, but if those goals seem long gone, don’t worry.

Footprints Foster Care - New year

New Year, New Adventure

Posted 5 January 2021

Yes, we’ve just entered a new lockdown, but there’s still the hope of holidays, hugs and new adventures on the horizon!

Footprints Foster Care - Christmas cookie baking

It's Tradition

Posted 22 December 2020

We know that Christmas when you’re involved with fostering can be a bit less predictable, but are there any traditions you try and include each year?

Footprints Foster Care - Child at a Christmas tree

An extra place at the table

Posted 8 December 2020

Yes, like a set of twinkly fairy lights at the end of a long lockdown tunnel, Christmas is ready to get us feeling festive. Ho Ho Ho.