New Year, New Adventure

Posted 5 January 2021

It’s finally 2021! The year that’s felt like three years in the making has arrived and we are excited at the promise it brings. Yes, we’ve just entered a new lockdown, but there’s still the hope of holidays, hugs and new adventures on the horizon!

To help kickstart the year ahead, many of us will have made New Year’s resolutions. Year on year, the top challenges are usually to eat healthier, exercise more, save money or spend less and to learn something new. Any sound familiar?

After the year we’ve had, all bets could be off this time though - we have a feeling there might be some more unusual resolutions out there right now. Some of you may have even decided to get involved with foster care in 2021, in fact that may be why you’re reading this today. If you’re after a challenge that is a step away from the regular resolutions, then foster care will fit the bill.

Providing a loving home, time and care to a vulnerable child isn’t for the feint-hearted, but it is something that lots of people from all backgrounds find incredibly worthwhile. And the adventure of a lifetime.

The problem with New Year’s resolutions is that we so often break them. Around a quarter of decisions don’t even make it past the first week in January. So why do so few resolutions go the distance? There are generally a few reasons, which equally means there are a few ideas available to help us succeed. If you are considering becoming a foster carer, we’d like you to have the best opportunity you can, so below are some top tips for keeping those tricky resolutions.

Firstly, don’t make too many! Focus on one or two resolutions instead so they can have your full attention. If you want to put time and effort into investigating foster care, then marathon training and becoming fluent in Mandarin may have to wait, for now.

Secondly, choose a resolution that fits where you are at. Putting the work in for something that is naturally on your heart will always be easier than forcing yourself into something. Take a little while to consider why you’d like to foster and if it’s something you genuinely feel could be right.

Thirdly, tell some trusted family and friends about your resolution - they may nag you, but they should also support you and help you to stay accountable. When it comes to foster caring, they will be a big part of the process too.

Finally, make a plan. Many of us end up feeling daunted by a giant resolution, much better is a step-by-step approach. Breaking your big goal into a series of smaller goals will give you a clear plan of how to get where you want to go. Get ready to congratulate and even treat yourself when you achieve each sub-goal. That regular sense of achievement will be far more motivating than waiting forever to feel good. To start your foster care journey, make your first goal to get in touch with us – easy!

Whatever your resolutions this year, we hope you succeed and if you’re ready for real adventure, we look forward to hearing from you. Happy New Year.