Posted 18 May 2021

If you’ve ever been guilty of an unnecessary shopping splurge, we get you. It’s just so tempting sometimes. How did your purchases compare though, to the Guinness World Record’s most expensive commercially available perfume? Currently enjoying that pricey mantle is the Clive Christian No.1 limited edition ‘Imperial Majesty’, which sold for a nose-watering £115,000 a bottle. Delivery in a Bentley included, naturally.

Less expensive, but still with a hefty price tag, was the Save Me scent launched at the beginning of the year by Queen rock star Brian May. Also limited edition, it was marketed as giving notes of sandalwood and badger. Clean badger, thankfully. So what made the legendary lead guitarist foray into the fragrance market? Well, it was because he cared. Not only a musician and an astrophysicist, Dr May has long been an advocate for wildlife protection and the scent was designed to raise money for his charity.

Earthy tones and musk aside, we agree it’s good to care about something. We may be a varied team here at Footprints, but we agree that our big care is foster care. In a previous blog, we looked at who can be a foster carer and now we want to share why people get involved. As part of The Fostering Network’s Foster Care Fortnight 2021, we asked each other #whywecare?

Here are some of our answers...

“Providing care for someone on a regular basis allows you make a real difference to someone’s life...”

Fostering works, fact. We get to see so many young lives changed for the better because people put in time, effort and above all care.

“Being a foster carer is one of the most rewarding things you can do...”

Fostering doesn’t just affect the young person’s life. To help them can be the most amazing, crazy, exhausting and enriching experience.

“Age is really just a number when it comes to fostering...”

Whatever stage you are at in your adult life, you are valuable and can have an impact. We have foster carers from a diverse age range.

“You can foster alongside your family...”

You can stay right in your own home with your own children or pets and welcome someone new into your family unit. All you need is a spare bedroom and your home can be a happy place for a child. Fostering is such a natural way to show love.

What about you, what would your answer be? Have you fostered for years or are you just thinking about it? Either way, remember our top tips – have patience and a good sense of humour, remember age is just a number and fit your fostering in with your current family situation. Finally, never feel uncertain, we’re always here to answer your questions and provide support.

It's positive to have a passion and if caring about young people is yours too, then we salute you. And wherever you are at in your caring journey, if you fancy being part of the Footprints team, we’d love to hear from you. Meanwhile, why not join in Foster Care Fortnight by posting your answers on social media using the hashtags #whywecare and #FCF21. You can also download more resources for the event.