New Life

Posted 5 April 2022

So, the British weather may have been changeable of late, but the calendar remains firm – it’s nearly Easter! Hot cross buns, bunnies, chocolate eggs and longer days are all helping to put a spring in our step here at Footprints. As is the focus on new life, something Easter and fostering have very much in common.

At the heart of the Easter story is the death and resurrection of Jesus. In more modern times, egg hunts and the Easter bunny have joined in on the act too. All in some way represent life and new life. As a foster care agency, we know all too well the importance of new life, or at least a new stage in life. Foster care gives children who have had a difficult time or found themselves in difficult circumstances the chance to experience safety, love and care. However long their time in placement may be, we know our amazing team of foster carers will give each child they receive the opportunity for a new start, a better life and a more hopeful future. New life really is fantastic!

Whether you are celebrating the whole Easter story, the joy of chocolate or simply the love of new life, the Easter holidays offer plenty of time to do it. If you’re a foster carer then those holidays may mean a difficult break in routine, but they also allow for some great bonding time between you and your foster child. We’ve gathered a few ideas to help you celebrate and have fun experiences together. Top tip – these work for all kinds of families and individuals!

Firstly, try some Easter-inspired art and craft. From painting colourful eggs to making Easter cards or knitting an Easter bunny, there are lots of options out there that will give you a great chance to sit down together and chat as you work. There are so many benefits of art for children too including help in exploring feelings and dealing with emotions.

Or how about getting outside and doing some gardening together or as a family? At this time of year, a general clear-up may be called for, or you could hit the nearest garden centre and buy a few plants to make your outdoor space more colourful. If you want, every child or family member could plant their own pot or tub. As well as giving a sense of satisfaction and ownership, gardening is great for our mental health, encouraging mindfulness and helping combat anxiety and aggression.

If the weather is more inclement, get baking! Making something that the whole family can enjoy is a lovely way to help your foster child feel special and included. BBC Food has plenty of child-friendly ideas and if you need to use up any chocolate eggs, Martha Collison’s Smashed Easter Egg Chocolate Chip Cookies are bound to be a winner.

Finally, if you fancy a trip out, for younger children Farmer Palmer’s are running Easter egg hunts and even special tractor rides where children can squirt bandit bunnies with water pistols. For all ages, RockReef has incredible challenges or there’s an Easter Eggstravaganza in nature at Longham Lakes.

However you spend your time, we hope you enjoy thinking about the brilliance of new life. Happy Easter!